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Nav ko kost

Posted by arweed uz marts 26, 2008


7 Atbildes to “Nav ko kost”

  1. Meerglis said


  2. GeKTOR said

    mani atsaldeeja zoltoni tas neskaitaas

  3. Meerglis said

    kas ir zoltoni? digimoni vai pokiishi vai veel kautkas? o.0

  4. anchux said

    zoltoni ir tas pats kas zhilitoni!! 😀 tikai citplanētiešu rase 😀

  5. mareksv said



    1.(n)An uber L337 pwnz0r who likes to set thiings on fire, and eat chicken.

    2.(v)the act of BBQ’ing thy enemy and feeding him to the rats.

    (n)That guy is realy kicking our ass, he must be a zolton!
    (v)You had better be careful or I will zolton you!

  6. sm00n said

    :DDDDD auts 😀
    I will zolton you!

  7. Nēģerēns said

    Zilonītis + roltons! :@

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