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V8 Lego engine – amazing!

Posted by mareksv uz maijs 18, 2008

Lego Mindstorms is a brilliantly simple combination of sensors, actuators, and logic control that can be made to do the most devious and delightful things. Like this lego maniac who built an air-powered V8 engine with a rev counter on one of the cams. That counter tells us this baby can crank up to 1440 RPM, and that’s without any kind of lubrication system. The cool part is, even though it’s all plastic and powered by air, it still has that comforting V8 sound.



2 Atbildes to “V8 Lego engine – amazing!”

  1. sm00n said

    ū, psec, džekiņš normāls nolifers 🙂

  2. woozers said

    fukin awsum


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