Nerds With Attitude

Niggaz are the best!

Posted by biznessman uz maijs 20, 2008

As we know from biology, black color is the dominant one, so that means that soon everybody in this world will be lack. That’s why I’m offering to look at that what expects us in the future.

Everybody will know how to play basketball- ,


we will know how to handle a gun, how to look and be COOL- , +weed will be legal!

And finally, we will rule over the whole Univerce!

2 Atbildes to “Niggaz are the best!”

  1. anchux said

    JĒ!! visa pasaule pīpēs zāli, dzenās bumbu un seksuāli turēs pišķikus!!! Tā tik būs superīga vieta!!

  2. techinieks said

    Diemžēl mēs to nepieredzēsim 😦


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