Nerds With Attitude


2008-01-06 flag [FoXaR] 2 team Group B victory 16:14
2008-01-12 flag [My little Contra] team 2 Group B victory 16:9
2008-01-20 flag bLiTzsTrIke > Group B victory 16:2
2008-01-23 flag infect Group B defeat 12:16
2008-02-02 flag Inevitable Group B victory 16:2
2008-02-09 flag Man-Eating Squirrels Group B victory 16:13
2008-02-17 flag eVent.Gaming Team Group B victory 16:1
2008-03-03 flag [My little Contra] Play-offs defeat 8:16
2008-03-07 flag [FoXaR] Play-offs victory 1:0
2008-03-11 flag Contra Gaming Play-offs defeat 10:16
2008-0x-xx flag rjT# ONICM victory 16:7
2008-0x-xx flagrage ONICM defeat 2:16
2008-08-12 flagNoFear PCW victory 16:6

3 Atbildes to “Matches”

  1. woozers said


  2. po;pers said

    kur mačs pret LiL’NWA? ;D

  3. woozers said

    UUU, nais! 😀 Gan jau NoFear šo klasificēs kā neeksistējošu, vai piesies čītus. 😀


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